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  1. I learned hiragana with Memrise, and I use the Obenkyo app as a daily refresher as I'm riding the bus to work.
  2. After watching the anime, I've become a huge fan of Watashi ga Motenai no wa Do Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!, or Watamote. I bought the complete set of manga a while back, and I keep coming back to them every once in a while to try and read them. It's been a slow process though, as my Japanese reading skills are still very basic.
  3. ありがとうございます!I've been through the Kansai briefly, when I made a brief train stop in Kobe to check out the earthquake museum and get dinner. I'd love to go back some time and use these useful phrases. Thanks again, Dmitry!
  4. This is relevant to my interests! The Japanese section has links to a few resources I didn't know about already. Thank you.
  5. Memrise is an excellent resource. I've found it to be quite helpful for learning the kanji. I haven't found it to be as useful for learning grammar though.
  6. I use phone apps to study whenever I'm riding on the bus or train back and forth between work and home, and whenever I have a minute or two free. That accounts for about an hour of study per day. I watch one hour of TV per day in the language I am trying to learn. I try to work in about five hours of immersion per week; I used to do language exchanges every week.
  7. The thing about introverts is that they may behave in an extroverted manner in certain contexts. Mahatma Gandhi, for example, is famous for leading the Indian independence movement, even though he lived his private life as an introvert. Introverts don't necessarily always keep to themselves.
  8. Thank you very much, Ania. I am looking forward to using this site more. There seem to be a lot of wonderful resources for language learning here.
  9. I've had a lot of success with games that involve a lot of talking. Settlers of Catan, for example, involves a lot of negotiation and back and forth between players. That's a good opportunity to practice conversational skills. The rules themselves can be a tool for language learning. There are a lot of Magic: the Gathering players in Seoul, including a fair number of native English speakers. The English speakers often play with cards printed in Korean, even if they don't speak much of the language. The cards use a lot of very specific, technical language with reoccurring terminology; the Engli
  10. Bananagrams is good too; it's like Scrabble, but without the board.
  11. The hangeul alphabet is easy, to be fair. It's mostly the grammar and pronunciation that I have trouble with.
  12. Anime and manga is a good place to start, but eventually you want to graduate up from that. It's important to keep on challenging yourself. Anime will teach you some commonly used words and phrases, and learning to sing the theme songs can help you with the overall flow and stress of the language, but it's not as helpful if you want to speak to real Japanese people. Real Japanese people do not talk like anime characters!
  13. It seems easy and intuitive to native speakers. English is not easy though; it's German, and Latin and smatterings of other languages jammed together and hammered into a funny shape. Just look at all the irregular verbs, for example.
  14. Maybe it would be possible to learn a language that fast if we lived in the Matrix. You can learn hangeul (Korean) fairly quickly though. Here's a link: http://www.ryanestrada.com/learntoreadkoreanin15minutes/
  15. The most difficult language I ever tried to learn was Korean. It's even harder than learning Japanese. They both have the same grammatical structure, but the pronunciation in Korean is much more complicated, and Koreans are a lot more particular about correct pronunciation. On the other hand, I did learn hangeul fairly quickly, whereas I still have a lot of kanji to memorize.
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