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  1. Guten Abend Ich höre Rammstein, Xavier Naidoo und die Ärtze (ein bisschen).
  2. Hi @Zengan :)! Welcome! I'm Chiara from Italy. Your introduction is very interesting. Do you speak/know Swedish as well? I'd like to visit Finland someday, I have a friend there who lives in Espoo (I think it's written like that, near Helsinki anyway). Have a good time on here!
  3. @anna3101 Compliments, you have great skills in languages  I'm sure you'll do well also in German. @pesic87 okay I'll inbox you my number no I don't know anyone who speaks Serbian, because of this I think it's impressive, it's a new language for me. @atanas.velikov ciao, io sto bene e tu? di dove sei? @jesolis hello Jorge thanks for the encouragement, you're right! I hope I'll reach a good knowledge
  4. Je pense que l'âge d'une personne est relativement important. Je suis d'accord avec @anna3101 soi sur l'idée que le caractère et les intérêts ont un rôle pertinent soi que quelqu'un utilise l'âge comme un limite. Moi, par exemple, je préfère parler avec des gens plus âgés que moi parce que j'aime les discours sérieux et la culture. Dans mon expérience, mes pairs pensent seulement à s'amuser et à faire des bêtises, donc je n'ai rien à partager avec eux. Je me sens plus responsable qu'eux, j'aime rêver de mon futur travail et de ma future famille (j'ai 20 ans). Je suis fière de n'être pas comme
  5. I'd love to learn Swedish because 2 years ago I met Like Torches (a Swedish band) and I liked them a lot! Plus Swedish is similar to German (that I'm already studying), so I'm very interested in learning it!
  6. Thank you, @anna3101 ! What's your level of confidence in these languages? Do you find them difficult/easy? Hi @pesic87 !  oh Serbian is impressive! You study some difficult but very interesting languages. Yep good luck with Italian, it'll be your next challenge! I can help you if you want, find me on Kik: orangerock95
  7. Hi :)! I'd like a language exchange buddy to improve my German (level A2/B1) and I'd like to learn Spanish and Swedish (I know only a few words, so I basically have to start from the beginning) as well! I can help you with Italian (my native language) and also with English and French (even though I'm not a native speaker). Chat me on Kik messenger, I'm orangerock95
  8. Che bello, vivi nella città eterna mi piace molto!!
  9. Ciao Mameha :)! Io sono di Pescara, tu?
  10. Hello, everyone! My name's Chiara and I'm a 20 years old Italian girl. I've just found this forum and I already think that's awesome! I studied languages in high school and now I'm studying sociology and criminology at uni. I still want to practice the languages I know (English, French and German) and I'd love to learn Spanish and Swedish (I know only a few words). Greetings
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