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  1. I have been living in Mexico. They have so many slang words here it is really hard to keep up with them all. My favorite is how often they use the word "pedo" which means "fart" in English. For example "Que pedo?" means "Whats up?" but the literal translation would be like "Whats farting?" Other examples: "Que bien pedo!" - "How cool!" "Que mal pedo!" - "Not cool!" I was really confused when I first heard people using "pedo" like this! Of course "pedo" can also be used to mean "fart".
  2. This is probably one of the best ways to learn. I had a friend from Estonia who learned English just from listening to songs! Although I believe you should do just more than listen. Write down words you hear often but don't know and look them up. Pair this with a more active strategy of learning a language and I am sure you will have great success.
  3. I am currently living in Mexico. I didn't know any Spanish before I moved here. I wouldn't recommend living in a foreign country without knowing the basics of the language. It was very difficult for me at first and very overwhelming. I have learned a lot though in the 2 years I have been here and I can speak Spanish at a conversational level now, although my grammar is horrible. I always wanted to learn Spanish so I thought moving here would help, it wasn't a horrible idea but I could have been more prepared.
  4. Hello! My name is Patrick Murphy and I am currently learning Spanish while living in Mexico. I teach English as a Second Language here in Mexico. I have been teaching for a little over 2 years and I enjoy it very much. I am also doing my best to learn as much Spanish as I can wile I am here. I have made a lot of progress the last 2 years but I am still very far from being fluent. I am also studying Computer Science while working. I hope to use this to eventually program my own apps to help my students and other language learners. I am currently working on simple conjugation trainer. When I fin
  5. While I agree with your sentiment, I think a good first language for a person to learn would be Esperanto. Just the fact that it was specifically created to be easy to learn is a good enough reason. I think it should be taught to young kids as it is a great building block to eventually learn a natural language. Learning it also provides a lot of vocabulary for other languages!
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