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  1. I would be interested! I have really good college friend from Nepal. He was in my Chinese class. He tried to teach my a little bit of Nepali and even his tribal language. I think the written script is beautiful.
  2. I'm in the process of learning Chinese. Having a Native Chinese to speak with would help me immensely. I can help with English and Spanish! I can use skype or facebook or we chat or whatever!
  3. This a sounds really useful! I am from a small town where almost everyone only speaks one language. It's hard to find Native speakers to talk with, which is obviously the best way to learn a language. I'm going to have to try this app out!
  4. I'm looking for the best app to learn Mandarin Chinese. I need something so I can practice and don't lose everything over the summer that I learned last year. I need to be ready for next semester. Preferably an app that lets you practice the strokes of writing the characters.
  5. Thank you so much! It took a lot of patience to get where we are. I always wanted to learn Italian and French. I think Italian is super similar Spanish so it may be my next endeavor. If you already have three languages down, you are doing great!
  6. I speak Spanish and English fluently. I am working on Chinese. My boyfriend is Chinese so he helps me. I'm a long way from being fluent though.
  7. Learning languages is my passion. There are many aspects that motivate me. However, one of the biggest reasons is that I am an introvert and for some reason I feel more confident about myself that I can speak multiple languages. It gives me connections to people that I would not ordinarily have the courage to speak with.
  8. I am able to speak Spanish, English and Chinese. Sometimes when I am in an awkward situation, I call my boyfriend (who is Chinese) and I speak to him about it in Chinese. Not only do I get support from him, but after I hang up the people around me have a new respect for me. My boyfriend is also learning Spanish. So when we are walking together sometimes I speak Spanish, he speaks Chinese, and we both intertwine English. It helps with privacy, and we both feel pretty accomplished that we can speak three languages at the same time.
  9. I am slightly biased on this subject. However, I think that the Chinese language is the most beautiful and intricate writing. It becomes all the more beautiful when you learn to read it. I have just finished a year of studying Chinese and I find the writing more beautiful and majestic than before I started learning.
  10. English is my first language. I found learning Spanish to be extremely easy. It took me three months of constantly using it to be able to write it without many problems. After that I began speaking it out loud and it took me less than a year to become fluent. It is very similar to English so that helped a lot for me. Then again, I have a passion for Spanish. I am currently learning Chinese and I have found it significantly more difficult that learning Spanish. The most important thing is to submerge yourself in the language. Do this by surrounding yourself with native speakers.
  11. This depends largely on which language you are learning. English is my first language, Spanish is my second language, and Chinese is my third language. I learned Spanish to the degree of which I could almost speak it fluently in the matter of a year. This was because I completely submerged myself in the language. I learned Spanish first by chatting with some of my Peruvian friends. I spoke with them in Spanish for two or three months just through typing. Then I spoke with them on Skype and was surprised about how well I spoke the language. This method however did not work as well with Chinese. For Chinese I had to find a personal tutor who patiently worked through the language with me.
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