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  1. I think English is the easiest language to learn as it sounds like a lot of other languages and has really similar words... Also, there are no accents and the pronouns are really easy to learn. I think that maybe it's not the same for everyone, but it was the easiest language for me. It's also highly needed and used in today's world, and if you learn english, you can go anywhere and talk to anyone, because everyone knows at least the basics of the language.
  2. Oh my god you mentioned you think Americans can only speak english, and I'd never realized I always assume that too, but mostly because we always think Americans are too superficial or prejudicing to learn about any other culture... Even the Americans who speak Spanish seem to not really care that much for the language and either 1. only learn because it's mandatory or 2. so they can use it for jobs. I guess it is really just a stereotype, because obviously there are many types of people in the US.
  3. Probably the Governor's Palace. It's not really a house, more like a political station. There are art showings frequently happening in there, and it's such a beautiful place, a really preserved old architecture masterpiece.
  4. I kind of enjoyed it but it wasn't really shocking or touching. We didn't get to find out what happened to his wife and children. Were we just supposed to assume they're okay now, after everything they went through? What happened to Marie? Is she still stealing after Hank's death? We'll never know... But I liked the ending they gave to Jesse, he's the only one who actually deserved a happy ending. I loved his final scene, so beautiful and it was a relief to me to know he made it out of that terrible world.
  5. I think the first book I've read in English was Wintergirls, during a dark time in my life. I was about 14-15 when I first read it, and it changed my life, really. It's not a positive book and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who doesn't go through the issues mentioned in the book, but it's really poetically written and full of metaphors to human suffering. It was a really easy language and helped me learn a lot of new expressions and words in English.
  6. I think the best way to learn a language, from personal experience, is putting it into practical situations, such as watching movies, listening to music, etc. Learning a language word by word, sentence by sentence can be tiring as you can't really connect any of the things you learn to actual situations in your life. When you learn a language through media, it's fun and engaging, it doesn't feel like you're dragging yourself rather than enjoying yourself.
  7. Oh my god this is so good! I adore daily language exercises, they're the best.
  8. You can teach online, of course! It's really easy and I find it that it's actually a good way to make money online. Sharing your knowledge is the best, and it's also good so you can learn it yourself and improve.
  9. Hey everyone, my name is Cece and I'm from Brazil. I speak fluent english and I'm starting to learn Italian. I love video games and tv shows, if you ever wanna talk I'm here
  10. Yes, definitely... Because languages have so many variables and expressions, you can't always speak like a native speaker. Translating can end up being too literal and not actually capturing the meaning. I'd say translation is better for technical texts instead of books or poems...
  11. I agree that learning through Apps is not good although it's fun. It's hard putting the things you learn into the real language, because every language is full of expressions. Learning a language by memorizing words is never worth it IMO.
  12. Yes! When I was learning to speak English fluently I'd always set the language and subtitles to the language and after a while I just got used to it and it made it so much easier to learn.
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