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  1. Many of the jobs that I've had I always had someone, especially women to always talk to when I was trying to master Spanish. Being in this environment was always the best because I had 8 plus hours of practicing Spanish all the time. Since it was natural, and I was going to using words to communicate, then why not. I had no time after work because I just really wasn't interested in dedicating the time to do it unless I was in a school setting. Having the jobs helped me to learn much more.
  2. I gave up on learning French so fast, the way that French people talked pissed me off, it seemed like it was a language to try and be sexy with it, but it just sounds that way coming from where I come from. There are some people who can make certain words in English sound sexy, and you just automatically know when someone is trying to be sexy. I felt that is the way I was being taught, and I wanted to be taught in a professional way, but women who speak French have the sexiest voices, so they are always making the words sound more complicated to say for me because of their accent, I guess I need to learn the pronunciations via someone who speaks English because I don't have to worry about the accents, and assume I'm not being taught the actual way to say the words. Shows where my mind is.
  3. What influenced me to learn Spanish was that I was forced into it by my high school schedule. I had no interest for it, but as I sat in class I did pick up on a few things. The following year after failing the previous year, I went back and had a chance to learn the language all over again, but I still hadn't perfected it. I always had fun in class and liked learning, but never payed attention enough to try to become fluent. Now I want to be an international business man, and need to be able to speak to people all over the planet. I want to be multilingual.
  4. It's all about the English language to me. I think the future is English, and just because Mandarin is the most widely spoken doesn't mean it's the language diversified among all of the different races on the planet Earth. There are more different people speaking English than all the other languages, and that should tell everyone that English will eventually me the most widely used language on this planet in the future. Mandarin us just to hard to learn. My opinion.
  5. That is very intense, I can't see myself working all of those hours just to learn a new language just to perfect it. There are plenty of people who spend about half that time. I found a school where they only wanted me to go there for 2 hours a day for 2 months to learn Spanish, but hey if it works then good for you. I never heard of a schedule like that. I call that real work right there.
  6. Where I live there are so many Mexicans, and they don't speak English at all. I have been in restaurants where I chose to use Spanish to help them place their orders because the person at the register didn't know Spanish, it's a little embarrassing for me to see them go threw that, but it is what it is. I greet many people in Spanish, and I like it a lot, I don't necessarily need it, but enjoy speaking it when I can.
  7. I don't personally think it really matters, if you have the will to learn then you can learn. I was not a straight a,b, or c student in school and I managed to learn Spanish, plus out side of school I started studying French and I love where I am so far with the language and I never finished school. Intelligence doesn't matter, people just need to be able to communicate in the language, and that's different from learning how to be an engineer, or mathematician.
  8. I don't understand how they can have problems with complex sentences, or just long ones in general, or even give back output from something that it does not understand. I realized the problems when I translated sentences or paragraphs to another language, and then back to English. It was terrible the results I got, and almost never nothing like what the original text was.
  9. I do believe that having a teacher around is always good, but it can be trouble also because not all teachers can actually teach to where the person can learn the language. I always found that I did better by just reading the books, and using the internet to pick up on learning a new language. I never had a teacher for learning French, but I did for Spanish in high school, and afterwards, I did not remember anything but the greeting because they are easy to remember. After school I bought a Spanish book, and learned a lot from employees who were Mexican. Teachers will always be relevant though.
  10. I went to the store and bought a dictionary, plus a thesaurus. I thought I was going to need both of them, and I also bought a Spanish translation book, they were all really thick. After a few days, I stopped looking at them and felt it was a waste of money because I have the internet and more to go and look up whatever I need. I prefer using the internet, but it would suck it the internet became unavailable. So in a way I'm happy I still have the book, it's just that you can't get verbal pronunciation with them like you can with phones.
  11. Well, just like any other language, it's difficult because you don't know it. Many people out there can be good at speaking Spanish, but that doesn't make them a good teacher. Teaching is the process of actually breaking down what needs to be learned and training someone else in a way they can efficiently catch on in an average way. Many teachers just don't know how to teach, and if you come across a teacher who is not good with teaching, you will always have difficulty trying to catch on to something that can be made super easy to learn that children master it. For me it was easy, I had a teacher that explained things about the language like we were kids. And I also had many people that I worked with over the years teach me more about it.
  12. I don't like to be corrected when I know the person begins to let their ego take over an assessment, or judgement. People will begin to become cocky, and I notice it as soon as they do it. Other than that, there are many professionals out there who do great assessments. I think it is a good idea, but I'd prefer the person to have much experience and as good reputation dealing with people because I will become irritated and think they are of no use to me when they start to get cocky.
  13. I think preserving languages is a waste of time as far as the advancement of human kind. I don't really care too much about certain things in our history. I'd rather see something like this like shedding snake skin. You don't preserve that, but know it was apart of history int he making. I know a lot of people like to refer back to word in Latin as a reference to things romantic or peoples names. I just don't think we should do that, and that's my opinion.
  14. I have always found the I enjoyed writing in Spanish rather than speaking it. When I was learning it in school, I hated talking in Spanish to my teacher, but I had no problems writing in the language. I believe it's because people can remember how to write something, and put the words together on paper, but saying them is the problem because other languages are not like English. It's so easy to say one word that you thought was another in Spanish and especially in French. So I struggle with making sure I'm saying the right word, but when I'm writing, I know I'm right the first time around.
  15. For me it's those word that have double letters that come back to back like in Mississippi. It makes me mad when I'm typing something I'm confident that I know how to spell and I see that little red line under it saying I spelled it wrong. I don't see it as much these days with those types of words because I try really hard to make myself remember. And when it does come time for me to type then, I start thinking about those characters that I know might be wrong when I do type it so I think about it before I type it and generally I'm right these days.
  16. I used to commit 2 hours a day learning when I got this program that I found on the internet for Spanish, but truthfully I learned more Spanish from the ladies and men that worked at my job. I learned some in high school, and basics from the program. Speaking as much as I can now came mostly from the ladies because I used to ask them what they said when they were speaking, and they would teach me how to say the words that we used in English, and also how to put them in a sentence.
  17. I also figured sign language was universal, wow that's another challenge there. I can see myself using sign language in another country and the natives looking at me like what is he doing with his hands. It's amazing that we have so many forms of communication, but I don't think that it should be as diverse as it is. Multiple forms of sign language is a little too much for me. I want to learn, but not if I need to master multiple forms.
  18. I think that is the best part of learning a foreign language because it's always a challenge to learn from a native, especially if they have a deep accent. The one thing for me is writing in different languages because they don't have the English alphabet. I remember when I started trying to learn Mandarin, the first thing I was looking for was the alphabet so I can see how they wrote their letters in their language, but then found out there is none. Remembering the symbols is what is hard to me.
  19. About one year ago I decided to start studying grammar in English all over again because I wasn't raised in a way as far as my speech to be proper. I use many words that I wouldn't consider appropriate English grammar. Although I did take English in school, it was nothing like actually learning English. We learned many other things that had nothing to do with the English language which was very misleading. I believe it really is important to understand everything in regards to ones own native language as you said.
  20. I think that it's OK, it doesn't mean that you're a failure, it just means that you were not able to completely master a language when you did decide to quit. I had this program that helped me to study Spanish, and after 2 months or so, I decided to quit, but basically put it on hold. I just couldn't commit anymore time to it as I had other things going on at that time. Have you ever done that because you felt it was best for you in that particular time of your life?
  21. Some people can naturally catch on to another language completely within months, and then there are those gimmicks that you can find online that offer to teach you a new language in 10 days completely which I don't believe is real. I wonder how long it took you to become fluent in a language that you learned, and what language was that?
  22. I feel like letting technology in our lives for everything eliminates the culture in things. I don't want to let technology make learning another language obsolete. I want to connect with the culture, sure it's good for basic things and helping out, but I don't want it ti just take over completely. That is if I had the choice.
  23. I think it's much easier because if you're learning from someone who is non-native to the language you are learning, it's much easier for them to teach you. My Spanish teacher was a white man, and his English was perfect so he was able to really break down Spanish as we learned, and someone who has deep accents, or isn't native English speaker or whatever your native language is will have a hard time explaining some things because they just don't know how to explain everything like a native can.
  24. I'm doing it because I want to be multilingual, not for a job or anything, but because I have a deep interest in learning other cultures, and I also believe in the advancement of human kind. I want to be able to speak 10 languages at will. While I know I may not have a relevant use for them in the future, that doesn't make learning another language irrelevant. You don't tell yourself that being able to put puzzles together is not going to make your life any better, so you just won't do it. You do it because you enjoy it.
  25. Yeah I agree, I didn't think about it like that. I just had in mind that I'm ready to accept what challenges that will come with what we will create for ourselves in the future. I was really ready. I think that while there will still be tough times ahead, life can still be very basic and simple. I don't think that language barrier should stop two people from testing out their interest for one another. I know I didn't, it's just that when you really want to talk you can't and that sucks.
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