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  1. I really like singing, and been singing wherever i go since i was a kid. BUT, i'm terrible at singing, i think my vocal structure have something to do with it though since i can't really hit high notes and that's where it all goes wrong Most of the time i sing with a flat note, i'm the only one in the family who can't sing well.
  2. i know this was posted 2016 At first i really thought of subo for adults = BJ Sorry got a dirty mind ok i'm out
  3. Wow, Post since October 2016 and nobody replied, is this forum dead? Anyway, the first one is wrong Kumakanta = singing Kumanta = sang The children sang.
  4. I understand some of it but my Kanji is not that great yet, so i can only read it in broken sentences but I can more/less grasp the general idea of the story. But i really need an exact correct translation to English This is really long but could you please translate this for me to English? it's really important that I know the exact translation. Story of Elder God
  5. There are two ways to write "ri" in Hiragana, in english we have the cursive, same with japanese. so it's either り or り. The book is not wrong
  6. It says "Do not trust/believe anyone" In Romaji it reads "(誰)Dare (も)mo (信じるな)Shinjiruna" Daremo > Anyone/Anybody Shinjiru > Believe -na(suffix) > Do not
  7. Thank you, I actually translated it as you have but i needed a second translation to verify my answer
  8. Lies and Slander Filipino > Kasinungalingan at Paninira Ilocano (minor Filipino language) > Panagulbud ken Panangpadakes Japanese > うそと中傷 (Uso to Chūshō )
  9. I can read the Hiragana but i'm having trouble with the Kanji, so i decided to come here and ask for a complete translation. Thank you
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