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Anyone preparing for GRE/GMAT?


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Hello everyone!

People aspiring to do Masters in the States or other countries need to give this exam. I will be giving it early next year. The English Verbal section in this exam is quite tough and has a huge word list of 3000+ words that need to be learned.

Any help on books/guides to be referred will be appreciated!

Thank you

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I have not taken the GMAT exam but I had a look for some good study books/resources and I stumpled upon this one here. Seems to be a pretty useful and massive study ressource:


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Knowing a ton of words is more important on the GRE than the GMAT. I've tutored both for a few years and still do so now. That said, there are some important things to keep in mind. You don't need to actually know what the words mean to get them right on the test. This is the strategy a lot of native speakers use. This can be particularly troublesome to non-native speakers because they don't have the natural confidence a native speaker has. But for example, if you know that the prefix ben- means good and mal- means bad, that can get you pretty far in answering a question. If the blank demands a word that means something negative and you see malevolent or malignant, then that is enough to get the right answer a lot of the time.

If you have a lot of time, you can of course memorize 3000 words, but I think it's much more sensible to memorize, maybe the top 500 words and then learn a lot of word roots/etymology so that you can get the questions right since that is the goal here.

I would also have to second the recommendation for the Kaplan material. I've found it to be quite well prepared though their courses are a bit overpriced.

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I will be taking the GRE exam sometime next year (which is actually sooner than I'm letting myself think!) but the English section looks quite hard. Like you said, learning up the 3000+ words seems like a really daunting task. I've bought a few books and CDs to help me out but I haven't really gotten down to it.

Are there any sites which allows you to give mock exams and evaluates them for you? Paid sites are fine, as long as they aren't too expensive.

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