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I have met some really wonderful people thanks to language exchange web sites, I've made some great friends and at the same time I got a partner to practice the language I'm interested in.  It's a win win situation, right?  Well, that wouldn't even be possible if amazing sites like the polyglot club didn't exist :) 

This is so far one of my favorite sites to find language exchange buddies.  I love the fact that site is easy to use and free :)  You can also create a profile, and organize local events in your area.

Has anyone used this web site before?  Did you find a lot language exchange buddies over there?  Are you still in contact?

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I have never heard of or used this site before, but now that I know about it I will definitely look into it! Thanks for sharing! Also, it sounds like a great way to immerse yourself into the language of your choice and that really does help a language learner become more comfortable in their speaking abilities!

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I've been to a few sites like that (I haven't tried Polyglot Club though) but they never worked too well for me. It's mostly my fault, I'm very shy and I have a hard time trying to talk to strangers online.

I also feel bad because Japanese people on those sites always have lots of people trying to talk to them, I'd feel like I'm just being another bothersome person.

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