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  1. I have read and heard also that it is best to start teaching a child any language while they are young. I think it would be a great idea to raise your child as bilingual or even tri-lingual. The point of emphasis though is to prioritize which language will be the primary or dominant. This would come naturally based off of where you stay and the environment. Definitely keep us posted on the progress!
  2. Dreaming in another language? This has completely intrigued me! I have never thought about this nor experienced it either but I am super wanting to now! I wonder if I'd be able to be comprehensive within the dream if I or someone within began speaking in another language... Questions questions questions Great thread by the way!
  3. English is what I prefer. It is my first language and thus it comes with a certain level of ease compared to the other languages I've been learning over the years. I have learned how to not only communicate verbally with English but have learned other subtleties like body language and such that have also improved my communication. It'd be great to one day be comfortable enough with the French language to speak it when I travel to Europe though! Only time will tell!
  4. I know English and French and am currently attempting my hand at learning Spanish. I would love to be one of those business people that travel all over the world and know at least a little of all sorts of languages just from experiencing various cultures throughout their travels. I commend anyone who can learn multiple languages as it definitely takes a lot of patience and focus. One day I'll be up to you guys' level (I hope)!
  5. The day before an exam I tend to be very relaxed and will take time out to review all of the material that I feel will be covered on the test. I then try to get some rest that night as to rid myself of any excess anxiety. However, I find that once the exam is in front of me, I stress just a little bit. I'm not sure what it is exactly. Maybe I fear that I'm going to forget what I need to know or.. who knows really! After a couple minutes of this, I skim through the exam and change my inner dialogue to "I can do this and I know that I've properly prepared for this exam. Therefore I have nothing
  6. Jimi Hendrix is absolutely one of my personal favorite musicians and person in history! The following are some of my favorite quotes from him: "When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace." "Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens." "The story of life is quicker thenthe blink of an eye, the story of love is hello, goodbye." "I used to live in a room full of mirrors; all I could see was me. I take my spirit and I crash my mirrors, now the whole world is here for me to see."
  7. I really wanted to learn a foreign language initially, because I saw myself wanting to travel the world right after high school. At the time it seemed like a concrete idea but soon after I learned you really do have to have patience with yourself as far as learning a new language goes. I am still looking to travel to many different places within the world but am pacing myself to learn foreign languages properly and to the best of my ability.
  8. I think having the knowledge of knowing what good English grammar is, is very important. Within certain contexts it will absolutely be needed, but there are other circumstances though where it won't have as much importance. By this I mean: within an occupation where you will need to communicate with co workers and superiors, proper English grammar is an extremely important tool. If just ordering from a fast food restaurant or conversing with someone on a bus stop it won't be as big of a deal!
  9. This has definitely happened to me! The thing that bugs me the most about it too is that it'll be the simplest word ever and I feel stupid afterwards! It only ever happens in long conversations though. Never when I am writing or just making small talk. I'll find myself talking with someone for a while and then bam! My brain goes to mush... Maybe for me it comes from a bit of social anxiety
  10. I have seen quite a few posts on this forum about Duolingo!! I remember I had downloaded it on my last phone right before it broke on me. Totally forgot about re downloading it until now! So thanks for starting this topic.. I am curious though about how people feel about this app when it comes to learning the French language? I see a few people love it for German but I'll have to go ahead and give it a try!
  11. I absolutely do find my mother language easier than my second. I would think that this would be the case with most people actually. I think the reason for this is mainly because you're a child when you first learn how to speak and communicate with those around you. You are in a very receptive and impressionable state as a young child so you not only learn a word, but you then associate words with feelings and actions that you're experiencing at the time. If you were to learn a secondary language in this same raw way then maybe it would come easily as well.
  12. Now that you mention it, I guess I actually do! Only with people who really do make me laugh though usually. I remember when text language started to become popular, and I would use it wayyyy too much! I'm willing to admit it! Haha When I text now a days though, I try to act more adult depending on who I'm talking to and don't use "lol" as much.
  13. As someone else had stated, I think it truly does depend on the quality of the dub. I remember when I got into the "Death Note" series, I had an option of either the dubbed version or the subbed version. Initially I thought to just go with the subbed version so I could experience the show in its purest form, so to speak. After watching the subbed version though, I found myself spending more time reading than I was watching! So ultimately I chose to go with the dubbed version. The dubs happened to be in great quality too so that was a major plus! I think that more shows, movies, and TV shows sh
  14. Writing has and will always be the most difficult aspect of learning another language. The issue that I have is that within many languages there are their own personal spelling and grammatical rules. For example, in the English language we have those oh so common silent letters that pop into words. The words "weight" "knife" and "aisle" are perfect examples. While in French, there are rules that tell you when to and when not to pronounce certain consonant sounds. Overall, yes, for me I would say that writing is the hardest part of a language.
  15. I could see this being a good idea.. It really makes sense actually. When I was in school studying French, yes, there were tests, quizzes, and exams to pass so I was more interested in learning things at my teachers academic pace. However, now that I am out of school and continuing to learn new languages for my own personal "know how", I do find it easier to focus on the socializing and communication aspect. I think really it just depends on the context a person will be using the language that they're learning.
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