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Future of translation studies?

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The translation industry is increasing with a rapid growth (source). The artificial intelligence is upgrading with great speed and they are also minimizing the word error rate. So with this share your view that why an individual should go with translation studies.

My Opinion:

Language translation services or professional translation services are increasing with lightning speed and companies who are expanding their business boundaries are relying on the translation agencies. If we compare human translator v/s Robotic translator, we can easily find the pros and cons of both the translation. Is companies with automated translators can guarantee us a high accuracy? No. 

It is the human translators only who can perform this task better than robots as different services like document translation services, business translation services, legal translation services need human hands for translation due to their specific terminology and jargon. This is why for some specific industry translation market still need human translators.

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Hello bethworthy,

I have just read your post, and I agree wholeheartedly with your opinion.

Automated or robot translators (such as Google Translate or DeepL) are not advanced enough to replace human translators. The main reason for this is that translators are able to take the overall context of a piece of writing as well as their own experience in the field into account and not only translate words and phrases into another language. Machines can be programmed (by humans) to translate certain words or phrases, but they are still unable to understand the context like a human translator's brain can. Therefore, I would always recommend professional translation agencies or freelance translators rather than machine translators when high-quality translations are required.

I have worked both with machine translation systems and translation agencies (e.g. the German translation agency AP Fachübersetzungen) and have found the latter to be much more reliable and accurate. Here's a link to their website in English, if you are interested: https://www.ap-fachuebersetzungen.de/en/ 

I would recommend using a translation company or freelance translator to anyone who needs a professional translation of a text!

Best regards,

Language lover


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