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Japanese language school

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Hi from Singapore!

I'm moving to Tokyo around early next year (2020) for career purposes! I was wondering if anyone have any suggestions for Japanese language schools as I am finding a Japanese School to join.

These are some of the important things for me when it comes to choosing a Japanese language school! 

  1. Small class size
  2. speaking practice

I have already taken JLPT Practice quizzes for the N5 and I think im around that level.

I would appreciate it if anyone can share with me about any Japanese language schools in Tokyo.

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Hey! I recommend Coto language school. I studied for 2 years in this school and it was amazing. Flexible schedules, professional teachers, fun learning environment, awesome school facilities..! They hold small classes and there are a lot of opportunities to practice your Japanese as they have cultural events with locals too. 

Hope this has helped you! 

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When I moved to Japan, my company sent me to Shinagawa International Friendship Association (or SIFA for short).
Not because it's good or anything, but rather because it's on a walking distance away from work, so I could join class twice a week without the fear of arriving late (and since the company is Japanese, the boss also didn't know where to send me and simply looked up for one nearby).

Entry fee is 7000 yen, and gives you 20 lessons separated into 3 levels at a time.
The main focus is put on speaking, so teachers will only use Japanese all the time.
Given, it's nothing intense and nothing super serious, but it's still a fun way to improve your speaking and listening skills.

Classes are also very small, but you can hear quite a lot through the walls, and some teachers tend to be insanely loud, so often times you'll be able to hear lessons from other levels.

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