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Chinese concubinage

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I’m studying Chinese language and I’m planing to write my graduation thesis about imperial concubines, from the Tang dynasty to the Ming or Qing dynasties. Do you have any suggestions on how to clarify the topic? What are the most interesting aspects to write about? I read several articles, but everything is quite general, I need more specific information and details.

What interesting resources could I refer to?

I count on any advice from more experienced people. Thank you!



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You can try to understand the history during the period you show generally, no need to be exact for whole. 

In Tang dynasty, Empress Wu of the Tang dynasty was the only female Emperor of China; Empress Wei also tried to intervene the government and politics; The love story between Imperial Concubine Yang and Emperor Xuanzong; etc.

There are too many stories, suggest you to try to focus on one, depicting more details.

If interested, you can read the poem On the Stork Tower which is also the one achievement in Tang dynasty.

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