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Spanish from Spain or from LA?


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Which one is easier to learn and pronounce, the classic Spanish or Latin American? From what I learned the problem with the latter is many dialects (Argentinian etc.)

When learning English the American version was slightly easier for me to learn than British due to more vague pronunciation in certain words, it felt a bit more forgiving. However schools here in Russia teach British English and have always been.

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I am learning Spanish and being in California I am told from friends that there are so many dialects in Mexico that I will not be easily understood either in Mexico or here in the states from those who are bilingual and of Mexican descent.  I guess it is similar to as you mentioned British English and American English.  Sure it is the same language, but when you are on different continents it seems there is divergence in the formal language.

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Since the fundamentals are the same I don't see how one would be more difficult than the other. Distinguishing between the two may prove troublesome though. The difference between British English and North American English is also very minute, your basic understanding is only affected by your ability to understand the way the words are spoken, and for the most part, not the words themselves.

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