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Is it good to take advice for some how's not a teacher but knows the language?

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If your friends and relatives are not fluent in Spanish, I wouldn't take too many tips from them. They might get it wrong or being trying to kid you. I would suggest looking up everything they tell you, just in case.

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Should you get advice from native speakers who are not teachers?

not to be rude, but I would pay attention to their education level.  I am probably a very intermediate spanish speaker living in a spanish-speaking country and I can already tell that a good portion of the population here does not speak proper grammar.  Not only that, but the spelling is atrocious here.  Things liks ´b´ and ´v´ are often mixed up.. and certainly ´ll´ is many times written as ´y´.

Again, not to be rude, but think about it.. isn´t there a good portion of the US population that you wouldn´t want teaching english grammar.

As far as pronunciation of individual words.  much more useful.

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