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  1. Yes, same here. I have forgotten most of the materials in the book as well. Regarding of "千字文", is it a novel or something? Or is it like a reference of teaching various topic? It sounds very interesting.
  2. Welcome to the forum! We have the same name, eh. Hope you enjoy your stay. Oh, you speak Chinese and Russian? Wow, that's very awesome!
  3. I remember when I was in elementary school in my home country, I would read the book called "新三字经", which offered advices and knowledge about how to become a better person. I also remember I have to memorize the whole book through my elementary school years and be able to write down at least 90% of what I have remembered. It is the kind of book that teaches people various things including manners, behaviors, self-confidence, and more. Has anyone read "新三字经" while you're in Chinese school or in China where you have grown at?
  4. There are a lot of sites where you can read articles or news in English. There are a few websites to read Chinese articles or news and I have found only one or two are very good. Both Sina and Chinese Yahoo offer up-to-date articles or news in Chinese language. I usually read articles from Sina because it's one of the biggest and most popular sites to search for Chinese articles or news. What website do you read Chinese articles or news?
  5. Streaming through some of the Chinese video sites such as Youku and Iqiyi has become the most popular online-watching experiences in a lot of countries especially in China. Some of the sites won't allow me to stream videos because it can only be viewed in China due to location restriction and recognition. I only allow to watch Chinese videos only if I download the site software on Windows computer, which I use Mac but not Windows computer. I have found Chinese shows are very entertaining because they have a lot of new Hong Kong and Chinese series.
  6. Welcome to the forum! Do you find English is easy or difficult for you to learn? I bet Italian is a very difficult language to learn.Good luck on your study! Cheers!
  7. I remember when I took the Chinese knowledge exam in high school, the hardest part was the written exam. I would have to write a short story in Chinese, which I wasn't good at it because it had been a long time since I learned to write in Chinese. Most of the words I had forgotten due to my focus on my second language, which was English. I still remembered my Chinese knowledge exam, which what made me to practice my Chinese once again.
  8. I often type Chinese on my smartphone when I talk with my wife because it is easier to speak our native language. I usually use Pinning when I type Chinese because I know how to spell the character using Pinying, then I'm able to select the correct word associating to the Pinying. However, some people use strokes and write out the word that way, which I don't usually do that. What method do you use when you type Chinese?
  9. Oh, isn't the video all the way at the bottom of the post? Just watched it a few minutes ago. It was very cute indeed. It just made me day right there. Thanks for sharing! Happy New Year!
  10. 2014年的中国新年就是一月份的月底, 你们有什么理想呢? 我希望今年比上一年好, 还有希望我找到一份好的工作。今年我又大一岁了, 新的一年就从今天开始啦。
  11. I have started learning Chinese when I was 3 years old, which I would have a textbook as a reference because it taught me basic characters in Chinese. When I first learned Chinese, I would learn the Pinying, which helped me to pronounce some of the Chinese characters before I started to learn how to write them. Pinying has a four different levels of tones, which also depends on which word associated with it. What's the first thing you should start to learn Chinese?
  12. I haven't heard of any other linguists that has influenced in the languages in which people are spoken now. I do know that Ferdinand de Saussure has been one of the greatest influencers in the history. I have learned that he's such a great linguist and semiotic that has happened to be developed in such a linguistic phenomena.
  13. I haven't heard of Babelfish Machine Translation. I don't know whether or not it's a website to translate from one language to another. I have notice that Google Translate isn't too accurate because it makes more mistakes than I can imagine. I will give the Babelfish a try to see how the translation works for me. Thanks for the recommendation!
  14. It's funny that it tells me to learn English, which I have learned English since I was little. It's probably a good site to determine which language you should learn if you don't have any idea or have a hard time to choose what language to learn next. It's a fun site! It's quite interesting to find out the language it tells me to learn.
  15. I don't think the language I speak have helped me to determine how much money I make. I think the making money isn't used on the language itself, but it's more than just that factor. I have once thought I would be making a lot of money once I have spoken English, which is not because there are a lot of efforts and skills in order to make money. Well, speaking the language does help me to communicate in many places, including places that I will be able to make money from.
  16. I would say Chinese is an important language to learn, especially Mandarin. There are a lot of Chinese people migrate to the United States, which most of them either speak Mandarin or Cantonese. China has the largest population worldwide, plus most people are taught Mandarin when they were little. Chinese is one of the oldest and historical languages exists in the universe.
  17. I'm not good at reading body language. I only read some of the simpler ones, but I have to really pay attention to the body language in order to understand it. Body language can be hard because it involves thinking and observation. I always have a hard time understanding people use their body language on certain purposes.
  18. I do think animals have their own language in which many of us don't understand. They have their ways to communicate with other animals because they are live ones, which every single living organism has their own kind of language. I think they communicate through vision the most, but that's what I have learned that some of them communicate through hearing.
  19. I remember when I was in elementary school, I read a lot of Chinese books. White Snake (白蛇传) was one of my favorite Chinese classic tales because I LOVE the story! I have read the book as well as the show, which I watch the classic version of the show and the newest version of the show that's aired in 2003 by Liu Tao. The 2003 version is one of my favorite versions because it is sad at the end, and I cry every time watch it.
  20. I remember I watched 西遊記, the classic version of the TV show when I was in elementary school. It had two versions: Cantonese and Mandarin. I was able to understand both versions because that was what I spoke. I would rush to home just to watch 西遊記 because it had to air during my school break. My school had two and a half-hour lunch break, which I could be able to watch the show because it lasted 45 minutes. This is one of my favorite Chinese TV shows besides 三國演義.
  21. No, I don't do breathing exercises for better speech because one is that I haven't heard of it. Secondly, I don't know how to do it, even though I know I don't use this kind of exercises. I just speak the way I normally do because that's how I practice my speech. I just say it regardless of whether people will make fun of the way I speak, which I don't mind because I say what I have to say.
  22. Oh, I haven't heard or learn of this term before. I have always wondered if there's a word for words that mean the same when they're written backwards. Now, you've found it for me. I have thought about some words that mean the same when they're written backwards, but I guess you've already written down the list here. Good post!
  23. Ha! I use 'cup of tea' a lot, but have never heard the rest of the idioms about food. It's good to know because I don't often use idioms in both speaking and writing, which I have learned the proper way not to use too much idioms when in writing. Thanks for sharing them! I wouldn't have known if you didn't list these were the idioms about food.
  24. At first, Chinese was very difficult to write because I would have to write the characters or stroke in the order they're written. I would learn the hard way to write from left to right, bottom to up, which that was how learned to write in Chinese. You've got to have some sort of rules to guide you to write the strokes because there are a lot of Chinese characters.
  25. I never use or learn to use tongue exercises, which doesn't help me much because I tend to speak naturally without using my tongue. There are only a few words that I would use the tongue to announce them clearer so people would understand what I'm trying to say. Otherwise, the tongue exercise isn't something I have learned or known to exist.
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