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  1. As in unconventional and you completely made up a way on learning certain things from the language. Not like the normal way of learning but something different and original.
  2. I was three years old when I moved to the United States and I progressively lost my spanish over time, I can still understand it but I mess up a lot when I try to speak it. I'm nineteen now and learning the language again, Does anyone else have the same problem as me?
  3. I've heard of that website to but I think it lacks the fundamentals of how a language should be learned. This speed course is likely to attract a lot of attention but not many people are fast learners. Some travel at their own paste and others can zip right through like nothing. Learning a language is a natural experience and for some this might be unnatural, it's a good website but probably not for everyone.
  4. Start of with simple conversation like greeting, introduction, and questions. I believe that is a good starting point for the basics that you need to know. Once you have those down things will go a lot smoother in you visit to Mexico. Also, if you're up for it you can learn more for deeper conversations and better communication with the locals.
  5. I would say dictionary but that seems like a tedious task. Better yet you should try conversing with people that know the language well and little by little you will pick up on new words. All though I must address that you should try not the learn the slang's of who you're talking to. I will result in misinterpretation and misunderstanding between you and the one whom you are talking to.
  6. I've heard someone from Spain speak spanish recentlyand some of it I couldn't quite understand. There was alot that I did get but for the part that I didn't, it was words I haven't really heard before. Can some tell me why that is?
  7. Speaking it face-to-face with someone else who was raised with spanish as there mother tongue. They can give you feed back on what you did wrong such as pronouncing words right, or proper grammar. A first hand experience is always the best at learning something.
  8. Speaking the words correctly has to be my gripe with learning spanish. Making sure that you say what you want to say instead of accidentally insulting someone is unfortunately you of my biggest mistakes I've made in the past and now I'm really studying on saying thing right.
  9. Eventually I want to get to the point that I can speak the language fluently but I'm long ways away. I also have to have perfect tough pronunciation. I find it really hard to roll my R's. Yet people say that I speak pretty well. But practice makes perfect so I keep going at it until I got it.
  10. Well most of my family speaks spanish and some of them only speak spanish so It's more of personal reason why. Besides, If you're like me in that you live in the southern United States. Then you're probably going to want to lean spanish.
  11. I'm trying to perfect the language so is it o.k. if I get tips from a friend or relative. In case they use improper grammar and pronunciation.
  12. The southern half of the United States speaks plenty of Spanish, so if you live or plan to live in the south U.S. it's going to be helpful. Don't for get that the majority of South America speaks Spanish, with the exception of Brazil. They manly speak Porchagese so Spanish won't be that popular in that part of South America.
  13. They don't call it a romance language for nothing. Actually the term "romance language" has a double meaning. The first is it's sex appeal and the other is that it come from Latin. Latin being a language from Italy and the capital of Italy being Rome. Rome and Romance are one in the same.
  14. Well they are both romance languages, so in a way yes they are related. Yet both come from Latin which is the base or core of all romance languages. The history is very fascinating, If fact I just might learn Latin after I get a couple other languages out the way.
  15. Books, dictionaries, and of course teachers. If you just started then you can go online although I'm not really familiar with websites that teach you the language that you want but trust me when I tell you that books help a lot. It may seem old fashion but it works never the less.
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