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Are there any other language learning forums that you use on a regular basis?


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Language Learning Forums

Some other forums that have been mentioned in several forums are unilang.org, how-to-learn-any-language and so the webpage wordreference.com has been mentioned as well. The latter has a great language forum with 100'000s of posts.

Other than that, my favorite language learning forum (after linguaholic of course hehe) is unilang.org. There are lots of interesting topics on it and there are forums for about any language. If you have not heard about this great language learning forum, you should give it a try. You might want to tell the people there to have a look on linguaholic.com as wel  :tongue: just kidding.

One last forum just came to mind: http://www.chinese-forums.com/

If you are a serious about learning Chinese, you might wanna check out this cool forum. I found this website to be most helpful and there are a lot of very advanced chinese learners on it (some of them obviously being native speakers of Mandarin/Cantonese).

So, are you using other language learning forums other than linguaholic.com? If yes, please name them :=)

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From time to time, I use unilang.com and polyglotclub.com, generally whenever I need to consult a native speaker or practise a particular language.

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