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Vocabulary with FreeRice.com

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This is a site about vocabulary. It's a multiple choice kind of game where you pick the correct word for their question. Every question you answer correctly they will donate rice to people in need it the most. I think it's a great site to learn or brush up on vocabulary. You're also helping out people. :grin:

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Thanks ddrmario123 I was not aware of freerice.com. 

linguaholic sometimes a second post is good reminder for those of us who are new around here. Might not always know what to search for.

I will have a look for the other post. Thanks again

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I found out about this site when I was in college. I would learn a few new words a day and felt good donating. But all of that time I was on the site, I could have worked a minimum wage job and bought the rice myself.

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Thanks a lot, I had never heard about this web site!  I just answered several questions in a row and donated 220 grams of rice for the needy :)  What a wonderful idea, I hope it truly makes a difference and that people can benefit from it. 

This site seems to be a wonderful places to practice your vocabulary and help people in need.  I hope more people start using it and all that rice is donated to those who need it the most.  Our world needs more people willing to help those who are needy, even if it is like this!  Every little action adds up!

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