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Does the way you speak english define your class


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In Vancouver it is more definitive of race than anything. People with no accents are assumed to have been born here, while people with accents are most certainly learning it as a second language. I've never heard of it being a determining factor for class.

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Well I suppose it does, when people stereotype. I am from the south so I speak posh, but it's not like I'm rich. People always just make assumptions, and they shouldn't, nor should they care about someone's class, but people always will make those judgements. I don't particularly think it represents class, it just represents the area in which people live in, like what city or countryside

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I would think appearing as wealthy is less detrimental than appearing as poor.  In the States it would be more of an "other" problem.  In this way we identify as "Americans" and "Others" so if you don't speak in a recognized American accent, you are an "Other."  Now that class can be subdivided into several strata as well, such as desirable immigrants (Europeans primarily) and "undesirable" ones (Hispanic primarily). 

NOTE: these are not my views, but views I have observed through interactions with others.

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