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  1. One term we seldom discuss is bilingual. The first time I came across it was in Spain at the age of 11 when they asked me if I spoke any other languages. "I speak some English", I said. And they answered "Oh, so you are bilingual". I just stared in surprise, because to me the term bilingual entails that you are native, or native like in the languages concerned.
  2. …you check out the ”Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought” section of a language guide book’s page and realize that you own almost every single book in those 10+ pages.
  3. We all have some advantages and some disadvantages when it comes to language learning. My main disadvantages are that: 1. Unless I am in an immersion environment I am a very slow learner. 2. Reading grammar and learning vocabulary at home does not really work for me. 3. I have very little free time to dedicate to my studies. My main advantages are 1. An overdeveloped sense of focus - my only male quality 2. Stamina - I am able to go on and on even when I have little to show for it 3. I am not afraid of making a fool of myself - which makes it really easy to speak once I have the chance. So what are your advantages and disadvantages?
  4. I should say that while I've read many e-books of various types on my computers, I have resisted buying any form of e-reader so far, and in particular have resisted buying a Kindle, although I've bought many books and other products from amazon in the past and will do in the future. This is not (simply) an "anti-amazon" prejudice of mine, although like many people I worry about the effect they have had on traditional booksellers, and also their exploitation of tax loopholes.
  5. I've been taking Spanish for about 2 years at school and during the summer I went to Italy for about two months (to visit family) and learnt more Italian in those two months than the two years of Spanish classes. Maybe it's my class, but it's just so... robotic. I feel more like I'm memorizing Spanish than actually learning it and this is bad because I have a final to do and I don't feel ready at all; I don't understand anything. Learning a language is about making mistakes when you speak, pronouncing things the wrong way. In those two months in Italy I made plenty of mistakes but I was understood nonetheless and improved on my mistakes. Yet in classes, when you do make mistakes, you are punished which I think is extremely wrong.
  6. I think that the guy had a bit too much influence on the language. I loved his plays and the stories he created, but i think that we embraced way too much of him and i could not relate to his writing style. I remember half of my english classes in school revolved around this dude and that has tainted me forever
  7. If used in the right context then hoax is an official word just like any other word could be, but if you take it out of context then you will ruin its credibility. I think that it is a grand word in essence
  8. I like the word seduce. I think that it is one word that is spelt and sound exactly like what it means. I think that even a non english speaker would understand the meaning almost immediately. It has this flare and rolls of your tongue naturally
  9. when you read cancelled with one or two l's, you still get the same word and so for me when it comes to spelling it i just remember that the word looks really odd with one l instead of two so i make it a point to put two always
  10. I have issues with the word exercise. To me it really is not spelt well. I feel like it could do with some changes. If it was excersize maybe it would make a lot more sense, sorta similar to excessive.
  11. Is there anything like this, does this concept exist. I have heard the phrase so many times but i do not know how this would go down in practice. Is it saying what someone wants to hear or is it to do with the truth. Or knowing what to say at the right moment?
  12. I think that lyrics to me have a bigger impact on me. I can listen to song lyrics over and over and still find the life in their meaning. I think that poetry to me is only good performed for you and gets you amped up in that moment, especially if the poet is a great orator.
  13. It is something that i cannot help these days. I think that it has become a part of me. To me lol means i am smiling or laughing or anything along those lines. I am one of those people that smiles all the time in real life and so it reflects in my typing.
  14. I have always suffered the adverse effects of being judged by how my english sounds. People always seem to think that because of my accent i am extremely wealthy. Does this happen to others out there
  15. I hate to use proper english when i am being free around my friends and family. I think that it is important to be free and people to be able to relate to you and your life and personality. So i take it easy and i am really informal
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