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How to teach Arabic pronunciation


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I was wondering if there is an easy way to teach Arabic pronunciation to foreigners who are not trained in linguistics (in other words 99.9% of new language learners). Are there effective ways to teach them to pronounce the "ghain, qaf, Khaa, hamza, 'ain, daad and other distinctive sounds used in Arabic, in both Fusha and Aamiyya?

I always notice foreigners have horrible accents when they speak Arabic, but I think it is due to the unique sounds of the language.

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To learn Arabic efficiently you will have to live it, i mean the best way is to reside in an Arab country for a couple of months, even if it needs a lot of hard work.

Just to tell my experience as i am an Arab with an American girl who has been living in Morocco a few months now, I have to admit that her pronunciation is improving in a very fascinating way since she practices it regularly. Well yes there is a difference between Fus'ha and 3amiyya, and she does perfectly well by learning 3amiyya from the street and learning  Fus'ha from a local university.

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In English, there are some tongue exercises to improve pronunciation. Usually, it is in the form of tongue-twister. I wonder if there are some Arabic tongue twister available for beginners like us? Any suggestions would greatly help and highly appreciated.

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