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A Displaced American

Guest Ames

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As the title might suggest, I am American, but find myself living in the heart of Germany! My husband's career involves a lot of moving around, so I'm getting to experience Europe and all it has to offer.

I'm learning German so I can function in my current home. It is so very rude to me to walk up and ask someone if they speak English, especially if that is the only thing someone says. So I blunder along and I've picked up enough to exchange small conversations and if nothing else I give my German neighbors a laugh for the day!

I also enjoy helping other people understand the English language. It often makes no sense whatsoever and so I try to explain the inexplicable.

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Hi Ames

Thanks for that very interesting introduction! I suggest that if you have questions about German, just post it in the German subforum and I will try to answer it straight away  :angel:

Are you actually enjoying studying German or is it just a means to an end ?

hmm is that actually correct to use the idiomatic expression " a means to an end " in this kind of context?  :tongue:



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I suppose it's little of both - I need to learn some basic German to function, but also I just love languages.

:tongue: I guess I'm a true linguaholic! I may not be fluent in other languages, but I am certainly fascinated by them.

Ah, idioms. A true stumbling block in learning languages!

I will go peruse the German forums.

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