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Je ne peux pas parler francais

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I took up a French course last year for 4 months and picked up the language decently enough. But since then I've had zero practice and no one to converse in french with, and now I've completely forgotten how to speak. Are there any sites or tutorials available online that will help in brushing up my grammar and stuff?

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I think four months it's not much time to learn a language, and if you haven't practiced since then I suppose you must have forgotten. You have no materials from the course you took? That would be my first option.

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I don't know of any specific sites. But I'm sure if you google it, you'll come across something. I know I did a few months ago. Unfortunately, I can't remember the name. You can also try YouTube for some quick video courses. It's always good to hear words pronounced the way a teacher would do it for you in class. And don't forget to pick up some French music with lyrics written out in French. That is an easy and fun way to re-familiarize yourself with French.

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I took 3 years and high school and kept with it a little bit. I watched movies I knew well in french, or with french subtitles. I pretended like I spoke french ok, then I went to france for a 6 weeks.

My french was practically useless to converse but I retained a lot of the rules and conjugations I learned in school. During this time my french rapidly increased and I'm almost fluent now. I plan to go back for a year there. I noticed that at first I while retained a lot, I couldn't think fast enough to reply so I'd just sit there silent trying to find the right words. But after speaking exclusively french for a few months you'll be amazed how much you pick up.

I suppose what I'm suggesting is, if you really want to learn french, or any language. Immerse yourself, it's almost the only way to truly learn a language. Speak it, hear it, live it.

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Il y a de très nombreux moyen de parler français... Les cafés langues, les tandems, un voyage... en sont des exemples!

Je recommande Yabla pour l'écoute et la découverte culturelle et des sites comme Wespeke pour des conversations "live" avec des natifs de la langue française. 

Il en existe bien d'autres...

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