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  1. Shorter work and miscellaneous supports could help. Limit your "work" to 10 minutes each day for instance. Start again at lower level. Use Youtube video songs you like (with subtitles) to get a better motivation. Use an app like lingodeer to "play". https://labdeslangues.blog/2019/04/07/lingodeer-quand-on-est-aux-abois-en-langue/ Alternate in order to not get bored!
  2. Forget about easyness or difficulties! Which country do you want to travel at first?
  3. 1) review the lexicon of my language learning method 2) use a flashcard "learn with Oliver" (an effective not a glamour one) or Riji 3) read audio book made for it at the right level or Lingq, a great tool made for vocabulary 4) use websites with word features like Viki (film), "Vocabulary.com" or "readlang" 5) study Songs with Lyricstranslate or websites like https://labdeslangues.blog/2019/01/29/lyricstraining/ 6) subscribe to an app with "words of the day" 6) thematic book (advanced level)
  4. Like every language with gender it's better to learn it with the word than looking for rules with so many exceptions (it could be easier for some languages like Russian). The story of gender in French, who lost the neutral one of Latin origin, is a little bit complicated... les origines du genre Exercices and tips
  5. The need of a "lingua franca" will shrink as in many cases automatic translation can replace "live" languages. Travel, business, websites... Language learning will be of course always there but people will be free from learning languages because of wrong motivations. You will be free to choose any language according to your inner wishes.
  6. Yes, I do. It's a great tool to improve your vocabulary and a good way to "feel" the spirit of a language by comparing forms of expression. But you have to read books at your present level! This app could be useful.
  7. Indeed! The favorite idiom of my daughter when she was 15 years old. " Papa, tu me saoules" when asked if she has done her homework or where she is going out (and with who). Could be used in order to not give an answer... Grandfather is nowadays teaching her granddaughter "tu me saoules" in order to answer mum :-) Aussi "tu m'emmerdes" ou "tu me casses les pieds".
  8. There is no "easy" Way... If you start with such an idea you will be disappointed at some point and you could be tempted to quit your study. The language learning marketing started with "fluent in three months" and you find now on internet "French in one day" or even "a foreign language in two hours"... Forget! The trick is most of the apps (I have tried hundreds of them) are for beginner level with few or no grammar to be more glamourous and please the credit card holder. Later on, the cliff will be huge for "easy" app users... The truth is this is a winding road with hopes and despairs and you should mentally accept it in order to keep a strong spirit. Each language has difficult and easy aspects. Just keep rolling on! Itchy feet comics has a great one that sums it well: You have got on the market tools working well for different aspects of a language (writing, grammar, conversation...) that help you to better learn.
  9. In fact they are the factors that made me study those languages... :-) The ever strongest factor has been the "girlfriend" one. Fan of boardgames too made me spend nights and days on rules translations starting at 10 years old! Nowdays I prefer to focus on known languages in order to improve or "refresh" those linked to a travel but an opportunity (I have two new Japenese friends in my course of Tai-Chi) could trigger for example a learning session of Japanese. Aging, business languages needs are less important... If you have a good and strong motivation (not only a "need"), it is much easier to learn any language.
  10. Il y a de très nombreux moyen de parler français... Les cafés langues, les tandems, un voyage... en sont des exemples! Je recommande Yabla pour l'écoute et la découverte culturelle et des sites comme Wespeke pour des conversations "live" avec des natifs de la langue française. Il en existe bien d'autres...
  11. As the most important factor to start and keep learning is motivation, it's maybe better to focus on this starting point... Need: I want to visit China, I am an export manager... Passion: I love Korean dramas, fond of egyptology, bier lover,... Opportunity: living at the border, a Chinese neighbour, a Russian girlfriend/boyfriend Stress coefficient: Italian is easy (I am a Romance language native), Bulgarian (knowledge of Russian), ... "Officials" Languages of the worlds: United Nations pack The most spoken factor: Mandarin, Hindi... My choices: German, Italian, Spanish, English for business (and travels) Chinese: my Taichi teacher is a native and use Chinese and my new neighbour is Chinese Russian & Ukrainian: long time friends. So happy I am learning their language! Sometimes: Korean: Viki alcoholic Hindi: just curious and the voice India with incredible singers...
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