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I've always been interested in marketing and advertising, even when I was younger, so I was always keen to notice whenever I feel like the industry was either introducing a new one hoping it will catch on, or merely riding the wave to be "trendy".

The most prominent one I remember from the past was the word "extreme" in the 90's, and it was a word that was pretty much used in almost all advertisements and movie dialogues. In some ways, the "extreme" buzzword is still alive today, but now it's more commonly known as "epic".

I really hate when people overuse these terms, and another recent one that I'm glad is on its way out (or at least I hope so) is the phrase "comfort food". It really makes me cringe whenever I hear it for some reason, it sounds so artificial and forced.

Bonus Round: Here is Microsoft's recent attempt at inventing a buzzword called "Scroogled". I'm doubtful it will catch on, and it's actually pretty amusing to me how hard they try to look cool.

Anyone of you got any more examples of these buzzwords?

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Not really, I dislike buzzwords as much as I dislike people distort languages whether using them improperly, shortening words or "mixing" them with foreign terms to make up a new one with no sense at all.

So whenever I listed to a buzzword, I blame it but since I don't memorize it, I couldn't bring one as an example.

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I also notice the "abuse" of the word extreme during the 90's, I also remember terms like "cowabunga", "as if" and "show me the money". What can you do? People like to fit in, so they try to use words and phrases that are popular at the time.

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