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  1. It can be tricky sometimes, but I'm sure with practice, you'll get the hang of it. I just want mention you said you use on for date and time. As far as I know you can use on for dates but not for time. For time you want to use at. For example, "Meet me at 5:30 PM." or "Be there at the proper time.". This page might help you understand it better. http://www.ego4u.com/en/cram-up/grammar/prepositions
  2. Hello LindaKay and welcome to the forum! I hope this forum helps you with your quest to improve your Spanish, but I'm sure you'll make some friends here. There are a lot of nice, friendly people here, hope you enjoy your stay.
  3. A lot of people think English is the easiest language to learn but that might not be the case for everyone. You have to consider that English is everywhere and its hard, even subconsciously, not to pick it up. If you would imagine Spanish or German to be as wide spread in all forms of media as English is, I'm sure people would think that Spanish or German were the easiest languages to learn. Do you get my point?
  4. I felt nervous, my mind was telling me to wait for her next move but something inside of me was urging me to confront her on her true motives. Am I paranoid or are my judgments spot on?
  5. I just wanna throw this thought out there. What is the definition of a "native English speaker?". When I think about it, its seems like a flawed definition. I say that because English is the universal language and you have perfectly fluent English speakers from just about every country on Earth. Would you consider a boy from China for example, who grew up in an English speaking house and with perfect English speaking abilities to be a native English speaker?
  6. Its happened to me before. Like you said, you can tell through body language and maybe if they are looking at you, or glancing. I think its a bit rude for people to talk in an unfamiliar language when there are other people around, much more if they are part of the conversation. Usually, I interrupt with a loud, "ENGLISH PLEASE!" when that happens, just to teach them some manners.
  7. Being raised in an English speaking house, I remember English coming very naturally for me. Later in life, around the age or 6 until about 10, I learned how to speak and write English correctly which was somewhat more difficult. I think its a lot easier to learn the English language since you a lot media in English, movies, music, TV, books, etc. I think English is the easiest language to learn because of the resources available for learning it.
  8. This is really interesting. It shows some the uniqueness to languages and cultures. It made me remember all those time I would say "they should have a word for...". Thanks for the share, I enjoyed reading it.
  9. The silliest way that I learn words or phrases from a foreign language is via pop songs. The first Korean, Indian and French words I ever learned were from pop songs.
  10. If I was dating a girl and I found out she could speak 3 - 4 languages fluently, that would be a plus for her that's for sure. That would mean shes intelligent and cultured at the very least. It would really be impressive though I've never dated a girl who could speak more than 2 languages fluently.
  11. Interesting, I'm still learning my Spanish and I never heard que pedo before. What does it mean and why is it rude?
  12. You can get some free lesson from Señor Jordan on Youtube. Hes a fun teacher, and he explains things pretty well, and its free so you have nothing to lose but time. I learned quite a lot from his this guy, though I haven't been up to date with his lessons lately. I'll link his page, check it out. http://www.youtube.com/user/tontitofrito
  13. My favorites are similar to yours. I like "¿Que tal?" and "¿Que Pasa?", I also like "Buenas" or just saying "Hombre".
  14. The way I understand it is that the word smart when used for the way someone dresses has to do with dressing conservatively and appropriately for in a given place or situation. On the same subject, the word elegance strikes as a broader word, dressed appropriately but good style, and maybe the value of the clothing worn is a factor as well.
  15. I used to watch a lot of TV-E, or television Española, when I started my "quest" to learn Spanish.I think it helps, you'll learn a few words and phrases at least subconsciously and you'll be familiarizing yourself with the language just by hearing it. Watching TV in Spanish can also be a good refresher for Spanish speakers who don't speak Spanish often and might lose fluency.
  16. I also notice the "abuse" of the word extreme during the 90's, I also remember terms like "cowabunga", "as if" and "show me the money". What can you do? People like to fit in, so they try to use words and phrases that are popular at the time.
  17. Is the exam open to anyone around the world? Also, do they give out a certificate?
  18. Welcome to the forum Wynnyfryd! I'm also studying Spanish, and this site can really help with your Spanish too. So is DuoLingo a site or software, and is it free to use?
  19. Hello Lizbeth and welcome to the forum! Hope you enjoy your stay here.
  20. I don't blame you for speaking a language with an accent. Your friend could be offended due to arrogance or maybe hes not used to seeing a non-Spanish speaking person speak in Spanish with an accent. Whatever the case may be, if you clearly aren't doing it in a derogatory fashion, its not wrong and should not be seen as an offensive gesture.
  21. Mine would definitely have to be the English Language. Being born in the Philippines, our native language is Filipino and English being the Universal Language, it was, and still is a huge advantage to speak good English. Right now I'm learning a third language, Spanish, which is arguably, the 3rd most spoken language in the world.
  22. Me gusto en futball tambien, en particular la liga y UEFA. Futebol cero es portuguesa.
  23. iHola y bienvenidos Nico! Estoy estudio Espanol tambien. I hope I said that right. Have a nice stay at linguaholic.com.
  24. Cool! Just liked the page. Good luck with the new facebook community page.
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