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Anyone speaking Croatian (Serbian, Bosnian)?


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So I was just wondering if there is anyone here from Balkan countries, or speaking balkanic languages? Or if there isn't, would anyone like to learn Croatian for example?

Did you know that most of balkanic/slavic languages are almost the same? For example, even though they are considered 3 languages, Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian are basically the same! You can speak Croatian in Bosnia or Serbia, and everyone will understand you.

The only noticeable differences are accents and spelling (ex. us Croats spell 'New York' the way it's written (New York) while Serbs spell it as they read it (Nju Jork)).

Bet you didn't know that! :D

Other than that, if you know any of above mentioned languages you will be able to understand some of Slovenian, Macedonian, Russian etc.

Pretty cool, huh?

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Really cool indeed!

I don't speak nor understand any Balcanic/Slavic language, but they have always attracted me, same as the Balkans region with its rich traditions and folklore.

Perhaps one day I would devote more time to learn more about their languages and, why not? Study one of them :)

Yup, we have a rich tradition here, you are 100% about that.

You might even find it easier to speak Croatian than English, because there isn't so many grammar related rules.

Well anyways, if you need some more info, fire away!

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I'm Russian who live in Montenegro. When I first came here, it was not 100% clear, but after several months speaking and understanding Serbo-Croatian is not a big deal anymore. 

BTW, Croatian grammar is more similar to the Russian one. For example, Ja ću ići kući je sličnije nego Ja ću da idem kući

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