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What language has the most words?


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I think that estimate might be a bit on the low side - the Oxford English Dictionary has over 291.500 entries. One of the reference dictionaries of the Portuguese language has over 442.000. So I'm guessing in these and other languages the numbers must be much higher than the one you found.

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I once read it was the english language, I remember I did a research a while ago.  Because my teacher had said spanish had more words, but I doubted it.  So I googled that question, but I couldn't really find a lot answers.  I landed on a web site later, there was an article written by a professor that claimed that english had way more words than spanish.  Go figure!

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Well, I have to agree that English is indeed the language that has the most words, not to mention that it is the most used language too. Here are 2 links for more info: http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/us/words/is-it-true-that-english-has-the-most-words-of-any-language


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