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Hi guys,

I recently decided to improve my Japanese through forcing myself to write in Japanese regularly. As such, I created a blog in which I'd write about various topics (mainly pertaining to my daily life as a Japanese learner) such as my study methods, work life and hobbies. Each entry will be written in both Japanese and English.

In addition to frequently exposing myself to the language, I will also be using the blog to gauge my improvement few years down the road. 

If you are interested, please do have a look at my blog at cresdankai.

P/S: If you know any other blogs in the same vein, please do let me know.





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Maybe a better idea to keep both languages separate (either split in their own entries and link to one other, or make something creative like a jQuery toggle to switch between the 2 languages).

Having both displayed per paragraph gives it quite a chaotic experience I believe.

Also, the blog is primarily written in casual Japanese.
In general, Japanese blogs are written in keigo(敬語)Japanese instead, with reader comments in casual Japanese.
You do make it clear that you're learning Japanese, but I believe that by trying to match with the standards you'll be able to learn Japanese naturally quicker.

Just a suggestion.

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