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Can someone recognize this language?


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Hello, calling Arabic or and Farsi speakers or anyone with a good grasp of middle eastern languages.
Recently I had some new neighbours move in who I believe might be refugees.
I've figured out that they are middle eastern but they are very shy and appear to have little to no grasp of English. When I've tried talking with them, they seem very nice but just look confused and smile. I would love to reach out to them and maybe learn to say hello etc but I am not sure where exactly they're form. 
Yesterday I was out in the Garden recording myself on guitar and when I listened back, I had court about a minute or so of audio where you can hear them talking a bit in the background. I don't need to know what's being said but would love to know what language it is. I was just wondering if someone could help me identify it. I've cut the audio so you don't have to listen to my bad guitar playing. (I've attached the audio file) :) 
I am aware that Arabic and Farsi come from different family tress so please excuse me but I currently don't know how to hear the difference.
Thanks in advance Chris.  Edit: I've just realized I should have cut the file more but you can hear it about twenty seconds in.   
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I think this guy has a nice video about it:

There are more YouTubers, but here's one of the few ones to cover both spoken and written languages deeply.

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Thank you. I love this guys channel, he gives a good history about languages also! I hand't seen this particular video yet though. 

I'm still none the wiser about my neighbours at the moment but this might help. Again if anyone can recognize the language in the audio it would still be appreciated.

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