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Looking for German language buddy / TL: German / NL: English/Tagalog / Skype, WA, Email

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Hi! I'm D, female from the Philippines! :laugh: I'm seriously looking for a female language buddy who wants to learn German with me. I think I'm high A1. If you're a beginner no problem. We will share learning references. :) Write me why and how serious you are of learning this language and of course a little bit about you. You must speak English (you don't have to be fluent) and can make time every week for voice/video chat (for our practice). I'm learning German because it is my dream to do a volunteer year there. My time is just as valuable as yours so please I hope you have a serious reason why you're learning it too.  :wink:

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    • By aparnajoshi
      1. Go to learn German into a day by day schedule propensity:-
          Begin Practicing German in your day-by-day schedule life to incite familiarity with our German Communication Skills.
      2. Put out yourself an objective to travel needing German on Priority:-
          First of all: you'd wish to line an objective to run after communicating in German. It sounds clear however not having an Associate in Nursing's ultimate objective to know – will not be rousing enough for Associate in Nursing broadened time.
      German Language Training in Pune
      3. Learn new vocab in pregnant parts:-
           Associating words with activities could even be a result of fooling your cerebrum into adapting stores of words straightforwardly and keeping them in your memory. this likely could be as an aftereffect of learning German words in setting helps trigger photographs that our cerebrums store for Associate in Nursing broadened time, rather than a secret element.
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      You've potentially seen that articles are significant in German. Assuming you're doing that right from the start, it's getting to stop piles of work ahead.
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      Here you can find out how good your German is: Are you just starting out, are you advanced or already a professional? This test gives you an initial idea of how well you understand written and oral German texts and how good your grammar and vocabulary skills are.
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      http://mawercer.de/spell is an early attempt to train spelling in various languages.
      English, German, bengali, and many more coming soon -> write to support to have some added.
      It remembers which words you got right doesn't ask multiple times about the same word.
      You can use it from mobile phone.
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      What is Lingodeer?
      Many of you might be familiar with the app called "Duolingo." Lingodeer is very similar, but alongside the same style of gamified lessons that Duolingo provides: Lingodeer offers professionally made grammar notes on every single skill, features full native audio recordings on every word and sentence, has built in grammar review features, has a global leaderboard (And friends leaderboard) for competition, features video stories at the end of every skill, has built in pronunciation practice (Sentence shadowing capabilities), and features 10 languages to learn (with Italian on the way) taught in 13 languages. The app is available on iOS and Android. 

      If anyone has any questions feel free to ask me (I run their online forums as volunteer work and have followed the app since it was released, I have also completed the first half of Japanese and Korean on the app).
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      Hi, everybody
      For German learners - some video and audio aterials can be found here:
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