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Grammar flashcards by Metkagram [German]

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What Are Grammar Cards?

Imagine tiny helpers that break down those tricky German grammar rules into bite-sized, easy-to-understand pieces. That's what grammar cards are! Each card focuses on one grammar point using the Visual Tag System, showing you how it's used with examples. It's like having a cheat sheet for German grammar.

Why They Rock 🎸

  • Super Simple: No more getting lost in textbook pages. Grammar cards get straight to the point.
  • Always Ready: You can use them anytime, anywhere. Waiting for a bus or during a lunch break? Grammar card time!
  • Makes It Stick: Seeing rules on these cards over and over helps them stick in your brain without even trying too hard.

How to Use Them 📚

  1. Pick a Card, Any Card: Start with one grammar point you find tricky.
  2. Read and Repeat: Go over the card a few times. Say it out loud if you can!
  3. Make Your Own Sentence: Use the rule to make a new sentence. It helps lock in what you've learned.
  4. Mix and Review: Don't just stick to one card. Mix them up and review often to keep things fresh.


Download Grammar cards app


German Grammar cards.png

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