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You already watch YouTube - why not learn Korean (with 0xFLOW) too? :)


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0xFLOW is a start-up company based in South Korea that is beta-testing a language-learning program that uses the latest YouTube content (such as movies, dramas, and other YouTube videos) as a fun and effective way to learn Korean.

Users can create their own content that they want to learn from (or we can make it for them!) to practice different concepts such as vocabulary that is generated using AI technology, grammar using content in the YouTube video, sentences and translations that can be created into custom language-learning printed worksheets - or they can learn by using the text and translations mode.

This program is ideal for Korean language-learners of every level, whether they are newly beginning their Korean-learning journey or just looking to refresh their memory.

This program is free to use - just register at: https://flow.xflow.academy/Account/Login and you're good to go! Content in other languages is a development that is currently in progress, so we would appreciate any and all feedback from all users. Feel free to contact us at [email protected] (email) or on Kakao @zeroxflow with any questions or inquiries.

Thank you and happy learning!

The 0xFLOW Team


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14 hours ago, 0xFLOW said:

please let me know if this is a problem and I'll take it down

Allow me.

Continue here:


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