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JLPTMatome - Study Japanese and prepare for the JLPT exam

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Hi ! :smile:

I noticed that a lot of websites providing Japanese lessons are either very poor at quality either not ergonomic nor easy to use.

That is why I decided to create my own platform for people willing to study Japanese and to prepare for the JLPT exam. 

The name of the platform is JLPTMatome : https://jlptmatome.com

Basically, there are grammar, vocabulary and kanji lessons and soon there would be also online test, jlpt exam simulations, real conversation podcasts and a blog for sharing words and expressions that only people living in Japan could learn and that would not be available in any book.

The goal is also to build a little community of Japanese learners, so if you need any functionality or additional materials please feel free to contact me :) !


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Nice, but one question: in what way do you mean "ergonomic"?
It's not like you'll destroy your hands by learning a language (you do by writing out Kanji over and over again, but that aside).

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