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Free German ebooks from Project Gutenberg !

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Would you like to read some german books online and totally free? Then you should check out the "Projekt Gutenberg". You can find a massive amount of free books there in GERMAN but also in other languages. Here you go:


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I knew about Project Gutenberg already, even used it to read a few classics, but until coming across thus topic I had not had the idea of using it to complement my language learning.

Here is a more specific link for books in German and German learning books:


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I've known about this site a long time ago. They offer tons of ebooks of classic novels and some. All I've encountered were written in English. I didn't know they also have for German. Do they also have for other languages like French? Anyway, I am studying German now. But I am still a newbie. Nevertheless, I am inspired and excited to get some reading from Project Gutenburg and read German.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I had totally forgotten about this site.  Now if only I had time to sit down and read and really work on my vocabulary!  Someday I hope I will have the free time to pick up my German studies in earnest again.  I will definitely look into that site and book mark it for when I have the time.

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