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Research on Multilingualism and a Free Foreign Language Learning Aptitude Test

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Dear All, 

In cooperation with the Polish Academy of Sciences and SWPS University of Social Sciences I am conducting research about cognitive styles associated with multilingualism, and I would like to invite you all to take part in a study.

The study simply involves completing a short (5 minutes) anonymous online survey. Volunteers who declare interest in languages will also be offered a free online Foreign Language Learning Aptitude Test that will give them instant feedback about their strengths in foreign language learning. 

We are currently looking for volunteers aged 18 and above, both mono- and multilingual. You can find the survey here: (NOPE)

If you have any questions, please contact Magdalena Paluchowska at [email protected].


Please note: a few of the previous participants reported technical issues with the Foreign Language Learning Aptitude Test (some tasks finishing too quickly) that seemed to be browser-related. The issue was addressed and the test should run correctly in all browsers now, but in case you experience any issues, please do let us know, mentioning the browser you used.

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I don't mind surveys, but if you claim to put up a language related survey, please put up a language related survey.
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I tried to do the survey, but I came across rather very strange questions like:

I went to 4 pages of questions, and literally nothing had anything to do with language learning.
Instead, all I can see is identity politics.
So I stopped answering the questions after the 4th page.

Good luck with your survey, but this clearly has nothing to do with languages, so I'll take the link down.

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