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Pronunciation confusion


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I am starting to learn Italian. I already speak Spanish. Problem is I am getting confused with the Italian pronunciation. I am trying to say it the way I would in Spanish.

Does anyone have any suggestions or exercises I could use to get over this small bump in my learning?

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When I try reading Italian, I have the same problem. If I can remember what language I'm reading, my pronunciation is great. Otherwise, it's a bit off to me. Fortunately, I'm told by a native Italian that the western part of Italy, being conquered by Spain at one point, has a slightly Spanish-sounding accent. So you won't sound completely weird, only a little strange.  :wink:

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I've found that watching videos in Italian really helps. Pick your favorite TV show that you've watched before and look it up in Italian and just start watching the episodes-it's a fun way to train your ear and pay attention to the language itself but at the same time, you won't be focusing too much on the dialogue and what it means since you've already seen it in English!

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Any time when I have doubts about the word pronunciation, I either go to forvo to check if I'm right, or mark the word and then ask my language partner about it. Also, I totally agree with alisawnn - watching videos and also listening to music/audios helps so much.

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Fortunately in Italian the words are written and pronunciated in the same way, you just have to pay attention to the accent (that often changes the meaning of a word) or the double consonants, vowels ecc

But of course there are some trouble in the pronunciation simply because it's different from the NL of who is trying to learn Italian. I agree with watching many Italian videos, songs, maybe movies with subs, etc. or asking to a native speaker :)

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