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I can speak both, best of luck with your goal.
I know from experience, if you're in Europe Japanese seems to be a useless language that would get you nowhere, but here in Japan people who can speak both English and Japanese fluently are in extreme demand.
Especially with Tokyo Olympics 2020+1 coming up, and the constantly raising numbers of tourists from all over the world until the political common cold I mean coup attempt against Donald Trump I mean corona virus came in.

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Thank you so much, well I think it's a beautiful language and culture, besides, I have started to make Japanese friends online who know some english, so I want to show respect by learning the language, not to mention there is an incredibly diverse range of art, literature, music etc. which I'm looking forward to exploring more. 

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I'd say that Japanese art isn't as diverse as western art, but the quality is much higher.
But maybe that's to reflect one of the many differences; the west aims at continuous innovation while the east aims at stability.
It means that Japan always fall at least 1 generation behind, but at least it's safe and it's almost guaranteed to be good.
Meanwhile in the west you'd always be ahead of everyone else, but it's always a gamble on whether it's a ground breaking success, or the total destruction of everything you're involved in.

What is very diverse in my experience is the food, every area has its own local food.
All of them are worth a try, although you might not like it too much at first when you come from a European country, it took me a few months too before I got adjusted to the food here.
And then when I visited family last year, I was shocked that food in my own country that I used to love so much are no longer tasty.

But if you didn't visit Japan yet, I do recommend you come over for 2 weeks or so once the whole corona plandemic comes to an end on the 4th of November (American election day + 1).
Spend 1 week on traveling to the 10% of all the places where all the tourists go to, and then 1 week in the 90% of the places only locals ever get to see (because it's very different from the 10% that the whole world knows about), depending on your expectations you might love both faces of the country.

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