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The malaise of innovation

>DG Research commissioned a group of experts to study the impact of the concept of the knowledge society on citizens (‘Taking European Knowledge Society Seriously’). A central question of this project was the nature of and possible answers to the malaise that civil society feels towards certain techno-scientific innovations, particularly in relation to their objectives, the social changes they bring and the underlying risks. The research was conducted very openly by groups that included not just experts, but also students of ‘hard’ sciences and human sciences (sociology, philosophy and law students), citizens who had expressed their interest in taking part in the study and trade unions. The conclusions of this study center in particular on the tendency to focus exclusively on a knowledge society motivated by a frenzied race for innovation and efficiency imposed by globalization, which, its authors state, poses a serious problem of acceptance by society. The study explores many avenues for having civil society experience the dynamics of innovation as a collective and diversified undertaking, democratically shared by all. 

What do they mean with malaise of innovation? What is malaise here?

malaise means a general feeling of discomfort, illness, or unease whose exact cause is difficult to identify.But I do not understand what malaise of innovation is.why does society have malaise towards innovation?

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Yes, very similar to research in the second year of sociology, somewhere at Harvard :D. I'm not entirely sure if there is someone on this forum who can solve your problem. Here people learn languages. You can read free, narrowly focused essays on the topic of social science https://assignmentbro.com/us/sociology-assignment-help here there are free examples. Once I looked for history materials there. There are many headings and categories. Maybe this will help you. 

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