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Help me get my bachelors degree!


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Hello fellow language learners!

I am Marie and I am studying anglistics at the Potsdam university in order to become a translator.

For my bachelor thesis I need to create a survey and analyze the results.
YOU'd be an immense help if you could fill out the survey I created about postcurricular language learning. It really only takes 5 minutes.


I know links aren't well received in forums, but it's the only way I can reach my target group.

Please be gentle and I once again thank you for your time. ♥

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All of these options seem way too little for any successful language learning in my opinion though.


It's your poll though, but I was a bit surprised that even though you do ask questions about "non-app learning", it never asks about real life language use as a way to learn languages, which I believe is by far the most effective method for every living creature.
I assume this is for beginner or lower intermediate learners only?

55 minutes ago, Marieski said:

I know links aren't well received in forums, but it's the only way I can reach my target group.

95% of the people who want to promote their apps/websites/channels/polls/etc. use links.
On this forum, as long as you don't use short URLs, there should be no problem.
You can use short URLs, but they are often used as a way to install trojans or spyware, or are meant to scam people, or hide a malicious redirect page, so short URLs are always rather questionable.

But good luck with your bachelors.

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