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Hey everybody. Have you heard of fmylife.com? Well, there's a version of it in French. The anecdotes are really fun to read. I still need to use a dictionary occasionally to check some words, but it's great to do.

Here's the link: http://www.viedemerde.fr/

Tell me what you think!

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I just checked the homepage www.fmylife.com (www.viedemerde.fr) and I must say that it was pretty funny to read some of those short stories. However, I am wondering what kind of sense this makes?  I don't know any of these people and therefore reading this kind of stories is getting boring in NO time. I don't think that this concept can be commercially successful (well maybe it is not meant to be commercially successful, then everything is ok hehe).

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Really? I'm surprised. I check it just about every day in French, and it never gets boring for me. It's actually been fairly successful commercially; the sites have been up for several years. It just goes to show people have different tastes.

For those who are interested, there are also versions in Spanish, Italian, and a couple other languages as well.

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