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Silent letters


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Hello,fellow English learners!

Since my native language doesn't have silent letters it is sometimes hard to remember when to pronounce a letter in a word.Has anyone else encountered a similar hardship?

Concrete examples include:

- Talk; do you pronounce the  L?

- Herb; do you pronounce the H?

-Wrist; do you pronounce the W?

-Receipt; do you pronounce the P?

P.S. Is it correct to say the L or just L? 

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English is a very irregular language when it comes to letters.
Once you become fluent in English, you'll understand that in English, writing doesn't matter so much.

For example, the "K" in "knife" is silent, while in "kitchen" it's clearly pronounced.
Likewise, the "E" in "axe" is silent, but in "recipe" each "E" sound is pronounced completely different.

For such reasons I prefer to use Japanese writing system for phonetics, because Japanese syllables are almost always consistant.
With latin that's not the case, because in each language it uses the pronunciation is different, and in the case of English it's even different in every word.

Go to YouTube and search for "english weird spelling", you'll see many videos about this + explanation and examples.

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