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The difference between 'launch' and 'release'

Mark Skype Teacher

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Hi and happy new year to all...

I was wondering if there is a grammar rule with regard to the difference between 'launch' and 'release' when not talking about 'release' in the sense of 'being put free'.

I know that 'release' would be used (normally) for things like books, Cds, films, music, press (a press release).

I know that 'launch' would be used (normally) for thinks like apps (I think), products and services (to put them on the market), events, music tours, parties (e.g. a launch party)...

There may be variations on the above (perhaps US English is different). I'm not saying I am %100 right.

I know launch also means:

to move (a vessel) into the water

to move (a newly built vessel) into the water for the first time

to start off or set in motion: to launch a scheme

to propel with force

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Perhaps I'm wrong but I was always under the impression that in this context "release" just refers to the action of releasing the book/movie/whatever, whereas "launch" refers to the event or announcements for the released product.

So a company might hold an all-star press event to launch a new venture that doesn't actually release until a week later.

Or you might say a product line was launched with a blitz of commercials and talk show appearances?

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"Launch" is to be used in the actual event or first promotion of either a new book, music and/or products like a book launch or an album launch while "release" refers to the act of publishing a new book and/or album or any other new product.

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Launch implies that you are putting effort/energy into it, whereas release simply implies that you are unleashing it. You launch a rocket, as it has no energy of it's own to begin with, but you release a wasp, as it already has the energy trying to escape.

Even with regards to CD's it sounds like launching it means you will be promoting it (maybe because it's a first edition) whereas release means there are already people waiting for it to become available.

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