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Do you use coded language?

Denis Hard

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Nothing fancy. Sometimes, for the sake of secrecy/privacy of what's being discussed, families, friends, cliques, gangs etc., create coded languages to enable them communicate without fearing that anyone eavesdropping will understand what they're saying. When I was younger, the group of boys I hang out with had their own coded language. Anyone who wasn't part of the group wouldn't understand a word they said. As a new member, unless one of them interpreted what had been said what they said was all Greek to me. It could be very annoying at times especially if you suspected they were talking about you. . .

So guys, do any of you use or in the past used coded language to communicate with others?

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:angel:  Yes!

I definitely use coded language to speak with friends or family in public about personal topics I don't want others to know about. It's just a simple way to be private.

I also have done this in the past while on the job and sending e-mails to co-worker/friends.  Coded language in an e-mail safeguards from trouble in case your boss decides to read it.

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I sure have but that's been years ago in high school. There was a group of five of us and we would both write and speak in codes all the time :cool:. We did create some foes along the way though because I guess it was a bit annoying to them :sad:.

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Nope, I'm an adult, so I leave any private matters to be discussed at home; no need for a coded language.  In my eyes that would be too much effort for nothing, but I understand those who use them :)

My mom and dad used some kind of coded language, that was basically them twisting some words.  As an adult is so easy to understand it's useless, but as a kid I couldn't figure out what they were talking about :P

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