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Most important category of vocabulary?


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What do you think is the most important category of vocabulary that one should learn while studying German? Clothes, food, animals, etc. Or, is there a certain category that you find German learners are consistently unfamiliar with? I personally think direction words are the most important, with food coming in a close second.

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I don't know about specific vocabulary, however in my opinion, you should see that you get those articles right (Der, Die, Das). There is no general rule for this, so this makes it really difficult to master them..and believe me, most foreigners that I know who are studying German are really struggling with the different articles. Some of my friends have been studying German for years (3-7 years) and they still can't get the articles right...it is more of a detail and not extremely important but if you can get them right, this will really impress German native speakers and it really shows that you master the language  :grin:

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