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Linguistic Patterns of ads // Metaphors and idioms in Ad's


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hey all

I would like to share here some nice ad's that use "fancy language" (metaphors, idioms) and so on in the ad's. Sometimes when I walk on the streets, I see a really good ad that keeps me thinking.

This one here for example, you see the sentence (Die spannendsten Streifen laufen gar nicht im Kino)


Unfortunately this is not in English, therefore I am trying to give you a translation / explanation:

The sentence: "Die spannendsten Streifen laufen gar nicht im Kino" could be roughly translated as "The most interesting stripes are (even) not displayed (aired) in cinema.

This is funny, because stripes in German (Streifen) is another word for film. However, it is, of course, also a word for describing the zebra (the stripes-pattern of the zebra). Hopefully some of you guys can come up with some English Material. Would love to see some nice ad's. :wink:

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I just stumpled upon another ad...this one being more funny..nothing very complex on a linguistic point of view..still, you might enjoy it, therefore I am willing to share :=)


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This one is slightly more sophisticated. It's a pun on the word "Far West" which sounds like the word "Phare Ouest", the name of a company. Together with this is the image of Breizh Cola , where Breizh is the local native Breton name for Britanny, the far West of France. The far west was also where Cola was invented. This one is interesting on all sorts of levels.

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Don't worry, like you said, it's all in good fun! Is it an advert for an English-language  course, by the way?

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