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Study Links // German // Updated ** January 2014 **

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Links to online German language resources

German Online Dictionaries:

http://deu.hablaa.com/deutsch-englisch/  (German-English, English-German and many more)

http://dict.leo.org (one of the most famous German dictionaries)

http://de.pons.eu/übersetzung (Solid german dictionary)

http://www.linguee.de (state-of-the-art dictionary/translation tool, highly recommended!)

http://www.dict.cc (German-English, English-German & many more )

http://dwb.uni-trier.de/de/ (digital version of the famous dictionary of the Grimm brothers...very interesting, unidirectional (Thesaurus, lots of etymological information)

Complete online German courses (grammar, vocabulary, audio, syntax, writing)

http://www.deutsch-lernen.com (decent resource, free basic information, lessons need registration)

http://www.german-online.net  (Some free information and lessons, more lessons-->need to become a member)

http://www.bbc.co.uk/languages/german/ (Solid information about the German language, FREE)

http://german.about.com/library/anfang/blanfang_inhalt.htm ( (Solid information about the German language, FREE)


http://www.deutschakademie.de/online-deutschkurs/english/ (Free, -->need to register to access the lessons)

http://www.populearn.com (free for a couple of minutes..not sure about the quality of this resource..already spotted some mistakes after 30 seconds)

http://www.deutsched.com (Free of charge, design is a little bit outdated, but content is ok)

http://leicht-deutsch-lernen.com (need to sign up, page looks a little bit suspicious to me...)

http://www.yesgerman.com/ (20+ German lessons, Free, Blog-Style)

http://learn-german-easily.com (20+ German lessons, all free)

http://www.germanlanguageguide.com/german/culture/germanfood.asp (basic info about various topics/subjects)

German phrases / words / vocabulary

http://www.smartphrase.com/German/ge_general_words_phr.shtml (Some useful phrases translated from English to German, different subjects, such as school, shopping, numbers, etc...)


http://learngermanphrases.com (German Phrases and Expressions, free)

http://www.pimsleurapproach.com/resources/german/ (Pimsleur approach to learning German and some useful links to german websites and some useful info about the language itself)

http://www.languagesoftware.net/rocket-german-review.html (short review about the Rocket German Software)

http://www.germanprofessor.org/lessons/ (Some basic info about german and some reviews about "German dictionary resources")

http://www.howtolearngerman.de/german-for-beginners/ (Some good infos about HOW to learn german --> some useful links to other resources as well)

http://www.canoo.net (German Grammar and Online Dictionary, highly recommended and definitely one of the best homepages out there to learn German)

http://faculty.acu.edu/~goebeld/public_html/maerchen/maermenu.htm (fairytale translations English-German)

http://www.german-flashcards.com (need to sign up, free basic account)

http://www.reisen-deutschland.net/ (Some good info about nice travel destinations within Germany)

Information about studying in Germany



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Very useful information. I am studying German now and looking at these great resources, I just got more excited and passionate. I just got it bookmarked.

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Thanks for the links. I've tried studying German but found it too challenging. It's somewhat like French. You speak through your nose and many letters are pronounced differently.V sounds like F and W sounds like V. There are so many rules to remember. Otherwise, you'd end up speaking the language badly.

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If you need general information and would like to read articles on language learning in German - please go to our blog  http://coursefinders.com/de/studentlibrary

There you can find tons of information about language learning, exam preparation, grammar study, learning organisation and much much more. Articles on destinations abroad and in Germany are also included because we think that language learning should be fun!

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Учите немецкий вместе со SpeakStarter (https://speakstarter.com/). Я из Украины, всегда хотел путешествовать по Европе и эта школа помогла воплотить мою мечту. Особенности школы SpeakStarter: 

✔ немецкий язык с нуля

✔ индивидуальный подход

✔ гибкость занятий

✔ легкость доступа

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Have you ever wanted to be able to speak German fluently but lack the confidence?
Duals has native tutors willing to speak with you everyday to practice German and in return you can also tutor other people your native language and earn in the process.
https://bit.ly/3iqku4A Learn more about Duals by downloading the information sheet: https://bit.ly/37l68fc

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