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Sanskrit vs. Hindi


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Hello Cookiesandcream, Sanskrit and Hindi are completely different languages. Sanskrit is the classical language that Hindi is based off of, kind of like of how French is based of off Latin. Hindi is more spoken than Sanskrit, and Sanskrit is really used more of a religious language than a spoken one. Hindi is much easier to learn than Sanskrit. Sanskrit has three genders (masculine, feminine and neuter), it also has seven cases. Hindi only has two genders and three cases. If you wanted to learn one, unless you are learning for the sake of religion or want to read Sanskrit literature, than learn Hindi. Hindi is way more spoken (Sanskrit is considered dead although it has been revived in some villages), and Hindi is much more accessible and once you learnt Hindi it will make learning Sanskrit easier.

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I concur with Meera's statement. Hindi is much easier to learn, and a lot more practical than Sanskrit. Sanskrit is hardly spoken or understood anywhere in India, while if you know Hindi, you will be well understood almost throughout India (except for a few areas). By far the most well-known Indian language, even within the country.

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Hindi language originated from Sanskrit. There are two versions of Sanskrit, one is the type that is used in ancient Hindu theologies, and another is the one that is commonly used in the interpretation of Sanskrit canon, or taught in modern language schools. Ancient Sanskrit is very difficult,however, the modern Sanskrit is more difficult that Hindi language. There are different versions of Hindi language, the most common is the Network standard, which is used by media and the people in the urban areas in North India.

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