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Learning/refreshing a language at home with audio tapes and textbooks

Dora M

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I have been trying to brush up on my French language skills with the help of textbooks and CD's in my spare time. But somehow I am not really getting into the swing of things. Perhaps I am not as interested as I think I am. I find myself listening to the speakers and repeating their sentences, but I don't feel a great urge to complete any homework tasks. I flicker through the book and just pick out what interests me, usually stories with pictures.

How about you? Have you learnt a language that has lied (or is that "laid"?) dormant over the years that you would like to take up again but lack the motivation?

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When learning a new language, it's important to be genuinely interested in the language that you want to study, so if the interest isn't there, then you will not really be motivated to absorb any new information. I would suggest putting off your studying until you are really genuinely interested again to learn it.

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Audio tapes definitely helps. I am an auditory learner so this very much helps me learn quick. I appreciate reading too but nothing like I can hear the actual words being spoken.

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